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Sensia IGS

Sensia IGS

Ultimate freshness – completely intuitive.

Sensia® IGS makes a trip to the toilet a pleasant experience. This shower toilet will routinely impress with its elegant design and many high-tech details every day. These include an innovative controller that works by rotation and pressure, as well as the intuitive remote control with touchscreen. Define your individual feelgood programme – say, water temperature and type of spray – and save it. You can reset the functions to suit you at any time. GROHE Sensia® IGS also means a shiny clean toilet, thanks to its numerous innovative hygiene functions. For example, the spray arm head is automatically cleaned before and after each use. The spray arm and the warm-air dryer are perfectly positioned for the user, being integrated directly into the ceramic. For total peace of mind, the complete shower system carries out thermal cleansing at regular intervals using water at a temperature of 70˚C. An automatic descaling programme is also available. You can’t get more thorough than that. let GROHE Sensia® IGS give you a complete feeling of perfect hygiene.

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iF Product Design Award
2013 iF Product Design Award
red dot design award
2012 red dot design award