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Sensia Arena

Discover what GROHE Sensia® Arena does for your sense of wellbeing


It’s that simple: how the shower toilet works

1) Personal Cleaning

  • Choose required spray funcion
  • Adjust the spray function to your personal needs
  • Stop the shower spray after cleaning

2) Drying

  • Choose the drying with warm air and regulate the temperature
  • Stop the spray after drying

3) Flushing

  • For flushing just press the flush plate

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Frequently asked questions

Can people with health problems use the GROHE Sensia® Arena?

Yes, in fact it is particularly appropriate for people with health problems. By offering such a high degree of hygiene, it helps to prevent skin irritations. And for those suffering from haemorrhoids, GROHE Sensia® Arena provides gentle and effective cleansing that can actually help to alleviate the problem.

Can children use the GROHE Sensia® Arena?

Children can use GROHE Sensia® Arena too. Of course they have to be shown how to use it properly, but once they have learned how it works, it becomes an ideal way to promote hygiene within the family.

Can the GROHE Sensia® Arena be used without the shower function?

Of course you can also choose to use the GROHE Sensia® Arena like any normal toilet.

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